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Domain Parking Explained

Not ready to use your new domain name just yet? You can park it until you are ready to build your website. It's easy to park a domain name, read more to learn about domain parking.

Buy Now, Use Later
Domain parking is a way for domain name owners to set aside their domain name for future use. In much the same way you park your car in a garage for storage, you can "park" your domain on a small amount of server space. Domain parking is ideal for those users who wish to purchase a domain name immediately, but may not have the content ready to go online yet. Once a domain is "parked," it will point to a "coming soon" page, which will tell your visitors the site is on its way. Domain parking is available by both domain registrars and web hosts.

Free Parking
Almost all domain registrars will offer this as a free service when you register your domain name through them. This means that you can register a domain name even if you haven't decided on a web host and your domain name will be hosted temporarily on your registrar's nameservers. You will not be able to upload website content to a parked domain although some registrars will provide an email forwarding account so that you can receive email addressed to your domain.