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Country Code TLDs

Looking for an alternative extension to .com?  You may find some promising choices with available country code top level domains, or ccTLDs like .ca .cn and .us.

Country Code TLDs
International domains or country codes (such as: .uk, .cn, .ca) can be an effective extension if you are residing in that country or are permitted to purchase such a domain. Be aware that country codes are generally more expensive than the general use extensions (.com, .net, .org). Big companies will often buy the .com and the international domains for their company name in order to secure business in these countries or to protect their company name world wide.

General Use ccTLDs
New extensions or fad extensions as some like to call them, such as: .tv, .fm, and .ws, were once country code extensions of small countries that have been bought out and made available to the general public. These extensions should be used only if your site would comfortably fit in the television, radio, or personal web site groups. These are less commonly known to the public and make the likelihood of being found outside of a search engine dismal. However, these once country code extensions turned commercial are fresh, new and could be a great alternative to boring old .com.

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