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Domain Name Resellers

In the old days there was only one place to buy a domain name, and it cost you $35 per year.  With the ever increasing ranks of domain name registration services, domain buyers can thank the little guy, the registrar resellers, for low prices and competitive features.

Domain Name Registration Price Wars
Many domain registration sites we see today on the internet are not actual ICANN accredited registrars, but merely resellers for those registrars. Often these resellers are able to provide discounted prices for domains (after buying them wholesale from the registrar) and pass along the savings to the customers. Many resellers have become very successful by offering these lower prices. And the competition among resellers has driven the price of domain names down from over $35 to as low as $6.95 and still dropping!

ICANN Accredited Resellers?
Enom and Wild West Domains are two of the top ICANN accredited registrars that employ resellers to market their domains. Resellers for these two registrars are usually very reputable and offer great prices. Don't trust just any old site that says they can register domain names. If they aren't an ICANN accredited registrar or authorized reseller for one, one should be very cautious in registering a domain name through them.

How Does Domain Reselling Work?
Many domain name registrars will offer reseller programs. An individual or business wishing to become a reseller would sign up for the program. If accepted, they can then register domains at lower prices through their parent ICANN accredited registrar and can then resell them to customers. Normally the initial registrar will still take care of all services like registration and customer support. The reseller basically just drums up more business for the registrar. Even though the buyer pays the reseller and may even access the domain name control panel at the reseller's site, the domain name is actually registered with the reseller's parent registrar. For example, Melbourne IT is the main ICANN accredited registrar that backs for big name resellers like Yahoo and Earthlink. Although you may register your domain name through Yahoo, Yahoo is not the main registrar. It is a reseller for Melbourne IT. 

Taking Advantage of the Savings
Webmasters who are registering a lot of domain names for themselves or their company can benefit by becoming a domain name reseller themselves. As a reseller they can buy domain names for discounted prices and make money off the registrations of others. Wild West Domains offers a low-cost and easy to get started reseller program for webmasters and wannabe registrars. If you are interested in saving a buck, or making a buck, on domain registrations you might consider becoming a reseller yourself.

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