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Whois Lookup

What is Whois Lookup?
WHOIS once was the general directory/database used by InterNIC to monitor who owns each domain name, where domains are registered and what name server the domain is located on. Recently the authority given to InterNIC to monitor the WHOIS database was delegated out to the sponsoring organization for each extension.

What Information is in the WHOIS?
When a domain name is registered, the registrant must enter in personal contact information, such as: name, mailing address, and email address. This information is made public to anyone who requests it through a WHOIS search. Also the WHOIS shows who the registrar of the domain name is, when it was registered, when the registration expires, and the domain name server (DNS) for the domain.

Searching the WHOIS Database
When you decide on a domain name you would like to register and type it in the search box of the domain registrar, a query is sent to the WHOIS database to see if the name is available. If it is not available many registrars will provide a WHOIS button for you to find out who owns the domain and when their registration is going to expire. If no one has yet registered the domain, you may then register it. Without the WHOIS database there would be no way to tell if a name was available or not.

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