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Domain Name FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about domain name registration such as: registration, transfers, domain name life span, and more.

What Does it Mean to Register a Domain Name?
To register a domain name means you purchase the temporary right to use that name. Technically speaking, domain registration works like this- The internet domain name system (DNS) consists of a directory, organized hierarchically, of all the domain names and their corresponding computers registered to particular companies and persons using the internet. When you register a domain name, it will be associated with the computer on the internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect.

How do I register a domain name?
You will type in the name you would like for your domain in the registrars' window. If the name is available (no one else has registered it yet) you will be allowed to register the name. You will be given the choice of how long you would like to register the domain, from one year up to ten years. Next, you will provide your registrar with your personal, technical, and billing contact information along with payment for the domain. The registrar will then keep records of the contact information to a central directory, known as the 'registry.' This registry provides other computers on the internet the information necessary to send you e-mail or to find your web site.

Do I own the domain name once I have registered it?
Although you have paid money for the domain name, you do not actually own it. It is more like renting. You are given the right to use that name for the temporary amount of time you specified at the time of registration. You may renew your domain name for subsequent years when your original registration time is up.

What happens when a domain name expires?
The domain name is eventually dropped back into the pool of available names. But it goes through quite a process before it gets there. To read about the Life Cycle of a Domain Name, and the process that takes place when a domain name is not renewed by the current owner, click here.

Can I change registrars after registering a domain name?
You bet. You may change the registrar sponsoring your domain name at any time more than sixty days after the initial registration. This is what is called a domain transfer. For details on the transfer process contact the registrar you would like to assume sponsorship of the registration, and they will help you make the switch.

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