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What is Domain Hosting?

Once you have a domain name the next thing you need to get your web site online is a web host or domain hosting provider. Read on to find out what domain hosting is and to learn more about shared web hosting.

A domain hosting service allows you to "rent" or "borrow" space on very fast hard drives called servers. Free web hosts allow you to store your files on the servers for no monthly fee. In exchange you may purchase a domain from the host, display a banner on your site, or be expected to submit to an active forum to offset the costs of your 'free' hosting.

You can either share space (shared hosting) or have your own hard drive (dedicated hosting.) These servers are connected via a backbone to a huge communications network called The Internet. Your web site can then be accessed by anyone worldwide through a special address called a URL which contains your unique domain name.

The amount of space your host provides you is called disk space, or web space. The number of times your site is accessed by you or users is called bandwidth. Prices vary widely based on what your host is willing to provide.

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