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Web Host Pricing

There are generally five different pricing styles that shared web hosts fall under. We

The Free Web Hosts
Free hosts have no monthly fee for their service. The hosts usually offer smaller amounts of web space and features and cater to users with simple needs (no databases, media, email, etc.)

Every free host has to have a way of supporting itself to make free web services possible. Some of these hosts may charge for other services in order to offer free hosting, such as: email, domain name registration, banner removal or service upgrades. Users of free web hosts may encounter extra costs from free hosts for these services, (ex. one-time set-up fee, yearly domain name registration fee, or a fee to remove ad banners.) Otherwise free web hosts are free, and users can expect minimal web space and features, no customer support, easy site builder tools, and simple sign-up.

The Low-Budget Web Hosts
The next price range of web hosts we

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