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Dedicated Web Hosting

The most common web hosting plans are shared hosting accounts. With shared hosting many users share the same web server and all of its resources including the mySQL database. Depending on the configurations and the quality of the web host there could be anywhere from 200 to 20,000 other websites or users sharing one web server. Managed properly this can be a very economical way to get your site online because hundreds of users just like you are sharing the costs of the server thus making it more affordable for everyone. However, there are often problems and server downtime experienced when someone on your server abuses the resources either intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, all of the users on the server suffer the consequences which often means down time and slow load times.

Dedicated Servers to the Rescue
With dedicated web hosting your site or sites are the only ones using the server and its resources. With fewer users on the server it can process information much faster making your website more dependable and more efficient. The monthly costs for dedicated servers are as much as 10 times higher but if you depend on your website or online business to put food on the table like I do, paying for a dedicated server is definately worth it. Dedicated server hosting also gives you more flexibilty in configuring your web server and often comes with shell access giving you complete control over your server.

Good Candidates for a Dedicated Server Host
Websites that benefit the most from a dedicated server host are:

- Websites using mySQL databases / PHP for serving dynamic content.
- Forums or BBS sites that process a lot of data in a short time.
- Ecommerce web sites running online shopping cart systems.
- Corporate websites that simply can't afford any downtime.
- Any websites that require custom server configurations

Who We Recommend for Dedicated Web Hosting
Not all web hosting companies provide dedicated servers to their users, simply because they take up so much space in the datacenter and they cost so much. Our Web hosting partner iPowerweb starting offering dedicated servers to their users almost 2 years ago and have realized that many users are not happy with shared hosting. If your tired of slow load times or frequent server outages give dedicated server web hosting a try.

For as low as $49 per month you can have your own dedicated hosting server.

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