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How to Sell a Domain

Have you ever registered a desirable domain name and then decided not to use it for your own web site? Don't just let it expire, you may be able to sell your domain name. Here's how.

Already registered domains, or aftermarket domains, as they are often called, can be sold for much more than the original registration fee depending on the value of the domain. Profit margin is high, and selling a domain name can be easy, if you know the right steps to take.

Before selling domain names on the Internet there are a few things to consider to ensure successful and lucrative sales. In the next few articles we will discuss the most important steps and issues involved in selling domain names.

Learn about domain appraisal and determining the value of your domain name, selling a domain name private party, selling domains through a broker or third party, making the transaction and safely transferring funds, and the process of transferring domain names.

Take the first step by learning about domain name appraisal and valuation services, and find out how much your domain name is worth.

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