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Domain For Sale

After you have had your domain name appraised and think it is worth selling you can go about deciding how to market your domain. There are many options ranging from the local classified ads to online domain auctions.

Marketing methods for selling your domain name include:

  1. Having accurate whois contact information available just in case someone happens to want your name and looks up the whois info to contact you.
  2. Placing a domain for sale sign on an existing web site, with contact information.
  3. Creating a "For Sale" page at the domain URL. (free with registration at GoDaddy)
  4. Or listing with a 3rd Party, like AfterNIC

To sell a domain name by owner, through a private transaction rather than a trusted third party, is risky business unless you completely trust the buyer. There is some wait time as money is transferred and the domain name ownership is transferred. Unless you are selling your domain to your mother or selling it for a very low price, we recommend using an escrow service to take care of the money transaction.

If you would rather part with a small percentage of the sale to have your domain listed and transferred through a professional domain broker, read our next article about "Listing a Domain For Sale".

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